Preferred Vendors

Many events rely heavily on vendors to help bring to life a memorable experience. Here at Sacred Rim Event Planning, we treasure our preferred vendors. A preferred vendor meets the following qualifications, which set them apart in the industry:


Preferred vendors will have an easy to navigate website where potential clients can learn more about them, the services they offer, and provide an easy way to get a hold of them.

Response Time

Preferred vendors are prompt and professional in their responses. Waiting 2 weeks, a month, or even more will decrease your rate of booking a potential client. As an event planner the response rate of a vendor is crucial.


Every preferred vendor will have a detailed contract of the service(s) that they will provide. This creates clear communication on what will be offered, and protects everyone involved.


A lot of times insurance gets put to the wayside. Preferred vendors will have insurance to not only protect themselves, but those they are serving. Don't miss this very important aspect of being a vendor!

Social Media

A social media presence is a plus as a preferred vendor. This shows activeness in your business and creates an environment for other vendors, potential clients, current clients, and past clients to interact with one another.

The above list is not inclusive as there are many aspects of being a preferred vendor. However, the qualifications listed above are crucial as a vendor. A professional, knowledgeable, active, and kind vendor is a treasure to an event planner.

Here at Sacred Rim Event Planning, we value vendors who take pride in their businesses. Although we are not an advertising agency, we love showcasing preferred vendors to our potential and current clients.

If you are a vendor and would like to share what you have to offer, please email us at We love meeting new vendors who are passionate about bringing to life a client's dream event.


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